Friday, 29 January 2010

Illumination, Specular and Normal maps

Each texture needs to make use of an Illumination Map, showing the glow of an object, a Specular Map, showing the shinyness of an object, and a Normal map that creates fake geometry on an object by manipulating light.

-Illumination, the crate model will not have any illumination at all, and therefore will remain black.
-Specular, the wood part of the crate would have a dark grey specualar map to make it a little shiny but not too much as wood is a very matte material. Also the worn lettering plastered across the crate can also make use of some grey / light grey / dark grey segments aswell as no spcular map so that they appear worn more-so and less-so in different areas. Also the none-rusted parts of the metal can have a lighjter grey specular map.
-Normal Map, between each of the planks i can make a small thin line running along darker than the standard for the normal map. This gives the impression that the planks are 3D. I can also use the normal when adding damage to add depth. The metal nails on the crate can also be normal mapped to stand out.

Tiled Wall
-Illumination, The wall section will again have no illumination as standard, but on a variation piece i will add a small red light that can include a light grey illumination map. I will also colourize this illumination red to create a red glow.
-Specular, the concrete part of the walls will have very dark grey specular map not being shiny at all. However the pipe work, ventilation and light will all have light, and very light specular maps to create a clean cut shiny effect.
-Normal Map, bolts on the pipe work can be normal mapped to appear 3D. I can also apply this to the ventilation shaft and the light.

Space Monster
-Illumination, the egg sacks will feature a green glowing slime and so will have a very light green illumination map.
-Specular, all of the creatures scales will feature a light grey specular map making them very shiny. The slime around the birthing sacks will also be very light grey but the birthing sacks themsevles will be quit map being a dull grey. The creatures eye and teeth will also be a dull grey but slightly higher than the egg sacks.
-Normal Map, the creatures eye will be normal mapped making it look like a 3D half sphere sticking out of its face. The teeth will also be normal mapped as with the egg sacks. Normal maps will help turn this spaceship into a monster by allowing me to fake in new geometry that doesn't exist on the model.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Marks Spaceship To Space Monster Texture!

For the 3rd texture we were asked to texture a model our tutor Mark had made. We were told to be creative, so i have decided to turn his spaceship into a monster! This creature would feature scales, an eye, eggsacks, growths / pods and of course a monster Maw. Fortunately for me i had been following a few texture tutorials prior to this assignment and have such created my own scale and eye texture that i can make use of here.

Below are images of my own work that i can use / edit for use in this texture:

And i have also gathered refference material for the creation of the rest of my textures:

Wall Texture

The 2nd texture i will be creating is a wall for my 3D environment. I visualize my walls mad eof concrete, with grime around ventilation shafts and pipework running along the walls. To add visual effect the base of the wall peices will be scuffed and dirty and the cieling area relatively untouched. This texture will be tiled around my environment.

I have gathered refference images to help me create this texture:

Ammo Crate

I have decided for my crate texture i will be creating an ammo crate. These crate would be used within the to resupply players with amunition and possibly new weapons.

I have collected some images of possible Examples of Ammo crates:

I like the wooden crates more than the metal crate. I also like the idea of some kind of Logo on the crate and weathering on the wood / text. I also like the idea of adding some bullets at the base of the crate simply for effect.
To create these textures i have gathered some refferences for wood effects, damage and cracks:

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Crate Ideas

Shipping Container

Weapons Crate

Cardboard Box

Jack in the Box

Futuristic crate



Thursday, 14 January 2010

Test Post

Just to check its all functioning correctly and all is well.